Project Development

Green Gold offers a complete approach to developing both new and existing mineral projects. In addition to the full Engineering Design capability, we include operational experience through the Advisory Group, the latest proven technologies, and Speciality Services that support the development process.  
Our role is to reduce risk, bring down costs, and maximize returns.

New Technologies

Green Gold designs, develops and integrates technological innovations that maximize gold, silver, and cyanide recovery. Our products are commercially proven, economical, efficient and environmentally friendly.

We offer three areas of expertise: The Recyn Process for cyanide recovery and detox; The Gold Room for innovative gold and silver recovery solutions for carbon circuits; and Non-Chemical Process incorporating the new InCon centrifugal concentrator.

Specialist Services

Green Gold capability includes specialist services that will significantly enhance the development process.  These specialist services include the Advisory Group, Process Equipment, Metallurgical Laboratory and Drilling designed to reduce risk, brings down costs, and maximize returns. We aim to help you implement the best practice for each stage of development.

What We Do

Green Gold is your mineral project development and production partner.

We offer one-stop solutions, including operational advisory, bankable feasibility studies, in-house laboratory, engineering, management and operational services, capacity building, plant construction and innovative technologies that are industrially proven.

 Our mission is to help mining companies maximize returns by making their new or existing mineral project more economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Our products and services can be commissioned as part of a complete project development package or as individual components. We accompany your project from start to finish or come in at key junctures. We’re here to help you make the most of your project by moving beyond the contractor mentality and engaging in a fruitful, long-term partnership. We do not replace the contractors: We eliminate them and give control and profit back to the mining company.. Malcolm Paterson, Founder 

Green Gold Articles

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