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Mineral project development is a complex, high-risk business. Maximizing the potential of a mineral project requires broad engineering and operations experience.

When exploration, feasibility, construction, and production are treated as isolated areas, opportunities are squandered and capital is wasted. Poor choices in flowsheet design and equipment, together with defective operational concepts at the feasibility stage, can lead to much higher capital and operating costs down the line.

These issues can be prevented by seeing the big picture from the start.
Green Gold offers a fully integrated approach to the management of mineral project development and operations.

We combine operational excellence with world class technologies that are low cost, long term, and environmentally friendly. We understand what it takes to develop, create, and sustain an operation. We have turned around failed businesses and helped create impressive success stories from marginal projects.

New and existing mineral operations are benefiting from Green Gold today. There is room for improvement in the mineral industry. We can do much better – so why not?


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To improve the minerals industry with design innovation and operational excellence


To grow an innovations business that provides new and existing mineral projects with end-to-end project development solutions, world-class technologies and interdisciplinary services, making mineral processing more economical, efficient and environmentally friendly

Our Values

People are our valuable asset. We engender honesty, ethics and trust in our people



Where others see problems, Malcolm sees opportunities. With more than 45 years of experience in the international mineral industry, Malcolm understands its challenges and where best to make improvements. The guiding philosophy that he applies to all aspects of mining, and life in general, can be summarized with one word: Elegance.

If it’s not elegant, it’s not Green Gold.

Malcolm specializes in the development and operation of gold and silver projects, has a strong process engineering background to complement his extensive experience in technology development, plant design and construction, as well as operations management.



Peter “Papa” is a chemical engineer who has been involved in the development of resin technology for more than twenty years. He has extensive experience in carbon-based applications with various roles from flow sheet development to design and construction. Peter has been the Operations Manager on several projects and has been working with Malcolm for many years.



Robert is a mechanical engineer who has worked for several mining and EPCM companies. He has established the Engineering Services Group to provide a full range of detailed design services. He has worked as an Engineering Manager on international gold projects and is committed to technical and execution excellence across the board.

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